Navigating Storms: How Women's Circles Help to Ground Us in Times of Turbulence

women's circle
Are you feeling the turbulence of the times? We’re not only experiencing huge geomagnetic activity from solar flares, we are also in a period of massive celestial and planetary shifts. Soon we will also be experiencing the Flower Full Moon on May 23rd, a time of new growth and beginnings. And it’s not only Earth and Planetary shifts, as a society we are in times of change - all this activity and energy can often leave us as individuals feeling a bit frazzled. In our Flower Full Moon Women’s Circle on May 23rd we’re going to break down some of the planetary and energetic events that are happening and use our time together to help ground us so that we can weather the storms with ease.

Have you been keeping up with the astrological happenings? If not a little summary - we are in the grip of a period of intense solar flares and geomagnetic storms, these potent cosmic events hold significant influence over both the Earth and us. Solar flares erupt with immense energy, releasing streams of charged particles into space, they interact with Earth's magnetic field, causing geomagnetic storms. These events represent intense energy shifts that can have a big effect on our emotional and physical well-being. Solar flares can amplify emotions, heighten tensions, but they can also spark moments of clarity and insight. Geomagnetic storms are often accompanied with feelings of restlessness or unease, many people get super tired when there’s a lot of magnetic energy around or they find it difficult to switch off or even sleep.

But there are also big opportunities within times of geomagnetic activity. The heightened energy from these cosmic happenings can disrupt our normal routines and push us to necessary changes and inner realignments. These times can help us to reconnect with our deepest desires and realign our life paths more authentically with our true selves.

Coupled with all this geomagnetic activity we are about to experience the Flower Full Moon on May 23rd bringing forth new life and the fertile abundance of spring. Traditionally, this moon signifies fertility, growth, and new beginnings. The Flower Full Moon is a vibrant reminder of nature's cyclical rebirth and the renewal of life. For us as individuals this moon can represent a powerful moment for personal development and spiritual growth. It is an ideal time to shed the old and embrace the new, to plant seeds for the future and to nurture your personal and authentic desires. Emotionally and spiritually, this full moon offers a period to reflect on personal growth, to cleanse yourself of limiting beliefs and to embrace the potential for new opportunities and blessings that lie ahead.

What better way to tap into all this potent energy than to sit in sisterhood and support each other to navigate these profound times of change. Women’s Circles are perfect for grounding and helping you to tap into your heart's true desires; they are sacred spaces that provide stability and support. As women we have come together during new and full moons to connect, share, and support each other, finding strength in sisterhood. In a women’s circle, we can share our experiences grounding ourselves through the collective strength and wisdom of the group.

In our Women’s Circle for the Flower Full Moon we will meditate to tap into our inner selves, journal our inner visions and share rituals that help us connect with our inner selves and the larger energies at play. These activities not only promote self-reflection and growth but also help us manage the emotional highs and lows triggered by the planetary and lunar activities. By tapping into our inner voices and sharing our journeys, we harness the circle’s collective energy to find balance and clarity amidst chaos.

So, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the current cosmic shifts or life’s many unpredictabilities, consider coming to our Full Moon’s Women’s Circle. Women’s circles provide not just a place to gather but a sanctuary where we can find peace and stability, helping us to align more closely with our true paths and flourish even during times of cosmic and personal upheaval.