Ecstatic Dance 14th June

If you've never tried Ecstatic Dance before you are in for a treat.

Ecstatic Dance speaks to the soul and spirit as much as the body. It is movement in meditation, a dance of the divine.

The exceptional live DJ Pat Maloney guides you through rythms and beats in a soundwave of frequency and vibration.

Express yourself through movement.

18+ Sober Event


Awaken Your Spirit, Move Your Soul: A Divine Dance Experience Awaits!

FRIDAY 14th June 7pm - 8.30pm 18+


What's Unfolding:

Blissful Movement: It's not just a dance, it's a sacred gathering of kindred spirits seeking liberation and joy. Your sanctuary awaits in the heart of ecstatic movement.

The event: We start by setting our intention for the evening, we then transition into a free form dance journey facilitated by our awesome live DJ.

What happens on the Dancefloor?

People of all walks of life, shapes and sizes are welcome to dance however they please.

We ask that everyone honours the shared space and one another.

The main guidelines are that we refrain from speaking on the dance floor, honor the no drugs/substances/alcohol policy, and do not take pictures or video of the dance floor or other participants.

These core guidelines are what keep the ecstatic dance floor an intentional, sacred, and safe space.

Why Join Us for Ecstatic Dance?

Release and Renew: Shed the week's stresses and dance away any worries, emerge refreshed.

Community Connection: Forge bonds with like-hearted individuals who believe in the transformative power of dance and joy.

Mindful Movement: This is more than a dance—it's a mindful journey, a moving meditation, and a celebration of life.

Bring Your Spirit. Move Your Body. Community Awaits. 

What to bring: Water

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