About Miranda

Miranda’s journey into the realm of women’s health and wellness kicked off in 2005 when “Thriving Healthy Women” was birthed (a wellness haven before blogs were even a thing). Thriving Healthy Women was a partnership between Miranda and Jenni Williams, fuelled by Jenni’s experiences with her anaphylactic son Alex and Miranda’s experiences with endometriosis, the pair delved into natural hormones, nutrition, and all things toxin-free.

If you’d like to know more about Miranda’s take on toxins and women’s hormonal health see her TED Talk [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtgCjCD9BXk].

Cosmic Ventures: Inika Cosmetics

From the humble beginnings of the kitchen sink, Miranda and Jenni began to scale one of Australia’s first natural & mineral cosmetics companies, later adding certified organic cosmetics into the mix. Miranda used her digital marketing skills to nurture Inika Cosmetics into a global, multi-million dollar cosmos of natural, vegan, and certified organic beauty. Juggling the challenges of growth and being a single mom, she intimately understands the dance of womanhood and entrepreneurship.

In 2013, after bidding adieu to Inika, taking a hiatus before donning the hat of entrepreneur in Residence at iAccelerate, where she coached countless entrepreneurs to scale their businesses incorporating the same digital marketing strategies she used to build Inika.

Digital Alchemist: MDigital

Then came MDigital, the digital brainchild designed to guide female entrepreneurs through the labyrinth of business growth without losing themselves in the process. Ethique and Carolina Lifestyle are just a couple of stars that have brightened the sky under her guidance.

From Chaos to Calm: A Spiritual Awakening

Life threw its curveballs—trauma, abuse, near-death encounters – you name it!. Yet, in 2016, meditation transformed Miranda’s active mind, ushering in a spiritual awakening.

Through meditation, self-enquiry, and Kundalini Bodywork, she not only released stored trauma from her body but also tapped into the wisdom of polarity frameworks and shadow work. Miranda has had a daily meditation practice since 2015 and feels that this has literally transformed her life.

Energy Healing played a pivotal role, culminating in a Kundalini Awakening in early 2023. Transitioning to the “I AM” state, Miranda embraced profound spiritual connection and intuition, prompting her to develop her own healing modalities. She has since trained in Reiki, Alsemia and Ashati along with Meditation and Facilitation.

In addition to being a Facilitator and Meditation Teacher at cSpace, Miranda also works as a Sprititual & Holistic Coach and an Energy Healer at Heart Based Healing Centre. 

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