Sound Journey & Meditation Sun Jul 21st

Don’t miss the incredible Sofia Pila taking you on a Sound Journey and Meditation.

Multi-instrumentalist Sofia blends soundscapes, breathing & meditation to take you on a journey within.

Sunday July 21st 3-4.30PM


Would you like to feel more relaxed, clear and calm?

This Sound & Meditation workshop is a great way for you to:-
Connect with your inner world.
Get in tune with yourself.
Feel lighter, more calm and centred.

Sounds amazing right? We all need a bit more calm in our lives.

cSpace is thrilled to have secured multi-instrumentalist Sofia Pila to take you on a very special journey.  Sofia is known throughout the Illawarra as an incredible yoga teacher, sound therapist, masseuse and musician. Her sound and meditation journey's are sell out events and we are super happy to have her coming to cSpace for the first time.

Being a multi-instrumentalist Sofia loves to take people on a transformative journey with the use of her many instruments and providing soundscapes that will have a profound effect. Through gentle yoga stretches , guided breathing , guided meditation and soundscapes, Sofia will lead you to an inner shift - a state of calmness and clarity.

In this 90 minute workshop, Sofia will immerse you in a SOUND journey destined to take you to a state of BLISS.

Let go of your stress and surrender to stillness, take a moment to recharge.

What is a sound journey?

Sofia will be using, crystal bowls Tibetan singing bowls, shamanic drums, rain sticks, shakers, gong, wind chimes , hand pan guitar and her voice to evoke and heal parts of you.

Each sound takes you on a journey within.

What to expect?

Guided meditation.

Breathing techniques to help you get clear, focused and calm.

Relax and immerse your senses in a sound journey. Allow your nervous system to reset and return back to calm.

Tune into your body, get clear on your vision and get things moving in the direction you want.

Suitable for anyBODY and all levels.

What to bring?

Bring a yoga mat or blanket for you to lie on, and eye pillow if you'd like. 

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