Flower Full Moon Women's Circle 23rd May

Don’t miss out on this wonderful & transformative evening with like minded women celebrating the energies of the Flower Full Moon.

Sitting in community, in sisterhood - what a gift to give yourself.

Thursday May 23rd 7 – 9pm


🌙✨ Embrace the energy of the Flower Full Moon at our upcoming Women's Circle event! 🌑✨

Thursday May 23rd at 7pm-9pm

Join us on a transformative experience with our 2 hour in-person women’s circle, where the essence of connection and self-discovery takes centre stage. 

Immerse yourself in a warm and welcoming environment as you meet and connect with like-minded women, forging bonds that resonate with shared experiences.

Engage in a guided meditation designed to tap into your intuition, allowing for a deeper connection with your inner self.

Embrace the power of journaling as you feel into the intense energy of the Flower Full Moon amplifying emotions and gaining clarity on your desires.

Experience the nurture of a supportive community that encourages authentic self-expression, creating a space where your voice is both heard and celebrated.

Sitting in community, in sister-hood whilst we tap into the divine energies and frequencies of this very special Full Moon - what a gift to give yourself.

What to bring:

A journal and pen, water & an eye mask if you like for guided meditation.

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